What is Drug rehab?


Drug and Alcohol dependency are progressive diseases that have several identifiable stages. Trained health professionals, often including a doctor who specializes in Addiction Treatment, are needed to accurately diagnose dependency. These professionals are also a key component when developing a comprehensive treatment plan. Drug rehabilitation is a progressive series of steps an addicted individual completes to achieve sobriety. These include; initially detoxing their body from the toxic substances they have been abusing, addressing the underlying issues that either led to or were intensified by the addiction, receive therapy for co-occurring mental or physical disorders, and lastly to develop the skills needed to maintain long-term sobriety. An effective Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center will offer many different types of treatment programs. This variety will insure that they can meet the specific and individual needs of each client. A typical offering of treatment programs include; intervention, detox, inpatient, residential, outpatient, aftercare, sober-living, and/or short-stay options

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