There is a strong relationship that exists between mental health and substance abuse addiction. More often times than not, an individual who is struggling with substance abuse addiction is also battling a mental health condition at the same time. The terms dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders are used to describe an individual who simultaneously suffers from a mental illness as well as a substance abuse problem. These individuals have specific treatment needs and often a large scope of problems.

Drug and alcohol abuse often causes individuals to suffer from psychiatric symptoms which can mimic an underlying mental illness. People with co-occurring disorders usually abuse alcohol or drugs as a way to self-medicate their symptoms which in turn complicates the problem.  Other times substance abuse can cause permanent brain and central nervous system damage which can also present as mental illness. All of these situations make it very challenging to differentiate and diagnose the underlying mental illness in patients with an actual co-occurring disorder.

At California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab, our treatment facilities staff individuals who are specifically trained to help clients that have been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder. Dual diagnosis clients present complex cases and we understand that treatment must address both the underlying mental illness as well as the addiction for a successful recovery. At California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab we believe that combining animals with drug and alcohol abuse treatment is a powerful force with significant benefits and proven results. For individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders, having their pet in rehab with them offers hope that not all has been lost in the disease. The therapeutic value of animals has been proven to increase the quality of life of a person suffering from mental illness in a way that human beings alone cannot. At California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab we recommend adding such a companion to your journey towards recovery.

“Animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms”


Detoxification is the first step in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox is a critical and urgent medical need.


In many cases, the presence of an animal at the treatment facility provides a sense of normalcy and creates a "home-like" environment.


Outpatient rehab is most effective as the next component of treatment for clients who have completed an inpatient program.


Sober Living provides a stable, safe, and alcohol and drug free living situation conducive to sustaining abstinence.


Aftercare programs are an essential part of alcohol or drug treatment to increase success for staying sober.


More often times than not, an individual who is struggling with substance abuse addiction is also battling a mental health condition.

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