Bring your pet to rehab

Are you willing to seek alcohol or drug treatment, but aren’t willing to go without your pet? Have you been considering rehab, but can’t find a facility that will allow animals? Do you feel having your trusted companion with you during the recovery process is the best thing for both of you?If so, let California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab help you and your four-legged friend find a state licensed program that meets both of your needs! We work exclusively with the limited number of alcohol and drug treatment centers that embrace a pet-friendly policy, to enable our clients the opportunity to bring their pets to rehab. At California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab , you don’t have to walk away from your trusted companion when you make that courageous choice to find sobriety.Your pet is an integral part of your life and vital to your recovery.


California Pet-friendly Drug Rehab - Detox

Detoxification is the first step in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox is a critical and urgent medical need.


California Pet-friendly Drug Rehab - Residential

In many cases, the presence of an animal at the treatment facility provides a sense of normalcy and creates a “home-like” atmosphere.


California Pet-friendly Drug Rehab - Outpatient

Outpatient rehab is most effective as the next component of treatment for clients who have completed an inpatient program.

sober living

California Pet-friendly Drug Rehab - Sober Living

Sober Living provides a stable, safe, and alcohol and drug free living situation conducive to sustaining abstinence.


California Pet-friendly Drug Rehab - After Care

Aftercare programs are an essential part of alcohol or drug treatment to increase success for staying sober.

mental health

California Pet-friendly Drug Rehab - Mental Health

Drug and alcohol abuse often causes individuals to suffer from psychiatric symptoms which can mimic an underlying mental illness.

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