The first step towards overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is detoxification (detox). This is a critical step when dealing with addiction treatment and usually requires medical attention. The purpose of a medically-managed detox program is to cleanse the body of the toxins accumulated from continuous alcohol and drug abuse.  The goal is to comfortably manage the unpleasant and sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification process contains three steps; evaluation, stabilization and entering treatment. During evaluation the patient is tested to see which substances are present in their bloodstream as well as being evaluated for co-occurring disorders. In the stabilization stage the patient is guided through the physical process of detoxification and introduced to long term treatment options.  The third and final stage is when the patient enters a residential treatment center to begin the actual rehabilitation process.

If you or your loved one has a pet and needs to enter a detoxification program there is no reason that addiction treatment needs to be delayed or an attempt be made to detox on your own because there are no arrangements for your animal. At California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab we work with a number of residential treatment centers that provide industry leading detoxification services and permit clients to bring their trusted companion along with them. We understand that in the early stages of treatment, especially through detox, anxiety levels can be extremely high. It is imperative that clients feel as comfortable and secure as possible during this crucial first step. We believe by allowing clients to have their companion animal with them it reduces stress levels, improves relaxation and helps to alleviate feelings of depression.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself” –Josh Billings


Detoxification is the first step in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox is a critical and urgent medical need.


In many cases, the presence of an animal at the treatment facility provides a sense of normalcy and creates a "home-like" environment.


Outpatient rehab is most effective as the next component of treatment for clients who have completed an inpatient program.


Sober Living provides a stable, safe, and alcohol and drug free living situation conducive to sustaining abstinence.


Aftercare programs are an essential part of alcohol or drug treatment to increase success for staying sober.


More often times than not, an individual who is struggling with substance abuse addiction is also battling a mental health condition.

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