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California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab is one of the few places that offer clients the opportunity to bring their animal companions alongside them in treatment. We offer excellent rehabilitation services to the San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs area in Souther California and more nationwide.

Having a pet with you while rehabilitating be it from multiple addictions and compulsions such as gambling or overspending, provides for immeasurable therapeutic value accompanied by opportunities for growth and recovery.

No matter the circumstances, spending time with a pet will repeatedly leave you with a sense of warmth and comfort that only an animal can offer. This feeling of encouragement and reassurance on a daily basis provides room for optimum abstinence.

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” –George Eliot

At California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab, together with us and your accepting, non-judgmental, and loyal canine companion, we will achieve recovery at a whole new level.

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