What is Sober Living or Halfway Houses?


Sober Living Environments
Sober living environments are facilities typically located in quiet areas that provide structure and support for people in recovery. Residents of these homes are expected to re-connect with society while living among peers undergoing the same transition. Many individuals enter sober living environments to help them make a smooth, sober transition from residential treatment to independent living. Common features of sober living include:
• Strict set of house rules, including hygiene, safety, and life-skills.
• Self-accountability for maintaining the facility and completing assigned chores and responsibilities.
• A zero-tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, and even household items with high levels of alcohol content such as mouthwash, aftershave and opiate-based cold medicines.
Halfway Houses
Halfway homes, commonly mistaken for sober living, are transitional living environments generally intended to help people reintegrate back into society after being incarcerated. Sober living homes are transitional living environments solely for those in recovery for addiction. As part of our aftercare planning, primary therapists and/or treatment teams help clients find sober living, if needed.

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