What if I have already been to rehab?


Many people ask “Doesn’t this mean that Rehab just doesn’t work for me?” The answer is simple, absolutely not. Many times previous rehab experiences mean that you are one step closer to achieving and maintaining long term sobriety. There are individuals who respond well to their first stint of Addiction Treatment, while others need a more cumulative approach. The benefit of the cumulative approach is that the individual now knows what did and did not work for them throughout their previous rehabilitation processes. They can now take those lessons and apply them to their current treatment situation to find their path to success. In southern California alone there are over 1200 drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Our staff have personally visited many of them. Whether you are looking for a quality affordable or private luxury facility, we can point in the direction of the highest quality treatment programs at no cost to you. Please give us a call today.

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