What does a typical day look like?


It is hard to generalize a “typical day in the life of a treatment patient” because every facility operates according to its own policies and procedures, so it will vary from program to program. However, the most successful Addiction Treatment Programs offer plenty of structure through schedules and accountability. Typically most of these schedules combine individual and group therapies, addiction education, relapse prevention training, recreational activities, meals and time for personal reflection. There are programs that allow patients to attend community recreational activities or off-campus support groups. Other Addiction Treatment Programs prefer patients to remain at the facility for the duration of their stay. More often than not, patients start out by adhering to a more intensely structured schedule (which allows their entire focus to be on their initial recovery). As they progress through their program, they will be allowed more freedom and options. This underlying development will prepare them for a successful return to their home, community, and work environments.

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